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Belated Christmas Post! Houston, Lake Tahoe and Ayr

Yes, it's 2 weeks past Christmas, yes, I am only now just getting around to writing a Christmas post, and yes, it's going to be mostly pictures. 
I am a terrible blogger, I know. But better to slowly and belatedly get back into it than to just give it up altogether, right? 
This post is mostly just going to be pictures with captions because it is almost 10pm and I was at uni from 9-7 so I'm pretty tired and I'm already in bed. But if I don't do it now when I've got some momentum [even if it's very sleepy momentum], I fear I'll never do it!
I spent the Christmas period in Houston with a short trip to Lake Tahoe in California for a rather unfortunate attempt at skiing. Long story short, I fell under the ski lift after about half an hour skiing, hurt my knee and didn't ski again. Great first attempt! I then spent New Years back in Ayr in Scotland with the whole family. 
FYI, New Years Eve and jet lag don't really mix. I made Faith and John stay up…

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