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Cornbread and Slow Cooker Chilli!

Guess who got a £15 tip at work recently? That's right, me! Well, to be fair, the waitresses in the VIP area I was in were the ones who actually made the tips... but we split all the tips evenly at my work so my sub-par bar skills got something out of it too! 
And what did I do with these amazing tips, you ask? I splurged at Morrisons! 3 for £10 meats and the remaining £5 I spent on butter to make banana bread and coconut milk and potatoes to made massman beef curry! [I already had the massman curry paste at home]. 
But that's not the recipe I'm sharing with you guys today! I am sharing with you slow cooker chili con carne and cornbread!
I just love a slow cooker meal. Just shove all the ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on, go out for the day, and come home to a yummy meal with almost zero effort put into it. You do have to brown the mince before you put it into the slow cooker but if that's the only effort I have to put into a meal [along with cutting up a p…

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